Besigye’s son elected president of Oxford debate club



Anslem Besigye, son of Uganda’s opposition leader, was elected president of the Oxford University Debate Club

According to BBC, Anslem posted a video on Facebook urging fellow students to vote for him.

The campaign video seemed to have worked its magic as Anslem was soon declared president-elect of the Oxford Debate Club. In his monologue, he highlighted his contributions to the club as well as his plans for the club during his time as president.

The debate club is considered one of the most prestigious and successful debating society. It boasts of creating head of states, dignitaries and captains of industry. In 2015, it invited Kanye West to speak about the creative process.

Despite his father’s fourth loss against the current president of Uganda Yoweri Museveni, the family still celebrated his win, counting it as a victory. His mother, Mrs Winnie Byanyima took to social media to share how proud of him she was.




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