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Benefits of #studyingabroad


Apart from growing in knowledge and career advancement, the advantages that come with studying in a foreign land cannot be overemphasized. There’s a cliché that comes from people who mostly don’t want to improve anything in their lives. “This is me! I am always like this! I’ll never change!…” The phrases are endless. Forget about them for a moment, and just in case  you are one of them, hold on. Change is inevitable, try studying abroad.


What are the benefits of studying abroad? What’s the difference anyway when one can still study in their home country? This calls for no debate, it is never the same.

It is fun, easy and comfortable being around family and loved ones. This, however, makes us settle for less than we deserve. After all, we know they will be there for us.

When alone in a foreign land, one gets tired of looking up to parents and family. You’ll become a burden if you do that. Every voice you hear will be shouting “Grow up!” and that’s exactly what happens. Being away challenges you to do the impossible, to dream bigger. You become better.

One of the surest things to happen to you is change, whether you like it or not. Being in a foreign country, you’ll have to adjust by default.  Meeting people with different perspectives, cultures, and upbringing. You learn that the world doesn’t only revolve around you, and appreciate the diversity.

Your creativity suddenly comes to birth, in a new dimension.  Looking back, seeing the present and painting the future  become of importance to you. The understanding that time is life becomes clear, and you become a philosopher in your own way.

Life in another man’s country is not a free ride, in fact, such a term doesn’t exist. Not everyone will accept you; this teaches you how to accept yourself and value your heritage. “Home is best” becomes your favorite song. Your eyes open to what was amiss, and you think of solutions  to the problems you left behind.

No matter how allergic to change you were,  the only option one has is to outgrow it. Mediocrity slowly leaves, unless you just can’t let go.

Your world view changes, you stop singing about making the world a better and start doing something to see it better. If you’re a hard worker, your efforts have to be doubled. The lazy ones learn to work hard. Life is never the same.

The year is coming to an end and some have already started coming up with new year resolutions that will never come to effect. Why not try “Studying Abroad”? This is sure to come.

Liz Ekakoro
Liz is a lover of God, Student of Life and an Advocate for Change. She believes that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE and uses writing as a medium of speaking to the world.