Bendi Huru Share How Their Passions Intersect With Their Career



Bendi Huru is an upcoming university students’ band. They have worked with Kenya’s renown music producer and performer Chris Adwar who has produced songs for the likes of Camp Mullah. We engage with Bendi Huru, a three-member band, to know more about them.

CC: Which courses do each of you pursue?

BH: Tito- Bachelor of music at Kenyatta University; Leeroy – Fashion and design ( Mcensal School of Fashion Nairobi and also a student at Daystar University ; Mayuu – Graphics and  Communication at Moi University.


CC: When did you form the band?

BH: Bendi huru was formed in May 2016 at the Kenya National Theather.


CC: Have you always been three members?

BH: Initially it was just Tito and Mayuu. We met Leeroy later on and we clicked instantly. We also have a full set band crew who we also consider as part of the Bendi Huru family.


CC: Why the name Bendi Huru?

BH: Bendi Huru is Swahili for ‘liberated band’. We came up with the name based on what we believe is our role in the music scene, to  ‘liberate’. Liberation from all situations that hold individuals down not to achieve and be whoever they want to be.


CC: What inspires you to sing?

BH: We are inspired by growth; seeing that we get better at what we do by the day, and also seeing others around us grow together with us. We are also inspired by the idea of creating art that will lift other people up and encourage them.


CC: Are you limited to music only?

BH: We refer to ourselves as performing artists so we are not limited to music. We blend in the various art forms and create a masterpiece out of it. Mayuu is both a poet and graphic designer, Titus is a gifted musical artist and Leeroy is a creative fashion designer.


CC: What is it like performing to large crowds?

BH: We are always very excited whenever we get a chance to perform. A little bit of tension is a natural part of performance especially before we hit the stage, but we overcome and most importantly we pass our message to our fans.


CC: How has it been like working with Chris Adwar?

BH: It was an amazing experience working with him. He is one of the best performers in the country and a superb instrumentalist. We have shared a lot, he guided us through recording since we were green in the area and gave us some really good advice on the music industry.


CC: Is “staki kusahau” your first song?

BH: It is our first recorded song. We have plenty of other songs we have been performing across the country. We plan on recording more of our songs and performing on more platforms.


CC: What is the main challenge you have faced in pursuing music?

BH: The biggest challenge we face as artists and business people is making ends meet through our art. Finances are needed for us to record, to conduct practice sessions in the studio and do our things at a personal level. The biggest obstacle is when some event organizers failing to pay after a performance. Another challenge we face is not getting the full set equipment to pull off a good performance. This leads to sound hitches during performances at some events.


CC: How do you balance between student life and music?

BH: Both are very important aspects of our life. When it’s  time for studies, we all agree to give our best. Music brought us together so one of our best moments is while we are practicing or on stage.


CC: Do young people find it easy to relate to your music?

BH: Yes. This is because of the content in our music. We talk about what happens to people of our age and even touch on the daily lives of those older than us.


CC: What is your hope for the future?

BH: We would mention a million things at a go. We believe that where there is prayer there is faith and where there is faith there is hope. We hope as a band that we will reach all ears in the corners of the world with our great music. Our music is a journey we believe will take us to greatness.


CC: How can one connect with you?

BH: Find us on social media

@bendihuru_music on Instagram @bendihurumusic on twitter @BENDI HURU on Facebook.

You can find our music on, SoundCloud and YouTube.



This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent Anthony Mbugua.




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