Beard 101: This November, we are #beardgang


Chiwetel beard

As we shine a light on Prostate Cancer awareness month this November, we want to do it in the manliest way we know how: #NoShaveNovember or #Movember is where we unleash the beard. The movement seeks to encourage men to get screened for prostate cancer and continues to gain a large following around the world.

Movember movement was initially meant to raise awareness of men’s health by growing the moustache on Novembers. Now the movement has gone global creating an opportunity for men to understand prostate cancer.

From moustache, men across the world will unite to let their beard grow with more emphasis being on a medical check-up for any signs of prostate cancer.

beard Singh

Some of the beard trends popular the world over include the subtle stubble that is just a few days of growth that looks great on anyone.  Some celebrities who don this look include Lenny Kravitz.

lenny karivitz man

Another popular look is the fully grown beard. This style has increased in popularity with Rick Ross, Chiwetel Ejiofor and even Common being known to carry off this look with ease. The style is no longer associated with ragged men but instead is now portrayed as classy and effortless. I must warn that this look requires a lot of maintenance to keep the mane in check.

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The goatee is also quiet popular but requires regular trimming. Many men do sport this look and is especially convenient during the hotter months where a full beard is uncomfortable. Puff Daddy is known to wear this look often.


The soul patch is for a man looking for just a touch of facial but not too much. Another popular style carried off by A-listers here and in the diaspora is known as the Van Dyke. The look is seen on Morris Chestnut, Borris Kodjoe and even television anchor Mark Masai.


So how will you choose to embrace your manliness?




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