‘Bank Otuch’ Hit Maker is Back!


He calls himself a native rapper.

A former hawker who has found a gold mine with his talent.

He stormed into the Kenyan music industry with a hit song. A collabo he did with Kibera’s finest as he calls himself; Octopizzo.

He has a ‘Luo’ swag and his lyrics are straight out of Kisumu.

Vicmass LuoDollar as he is fondly known is back with another hit song.

Titled ‘Simbe Adek‘ which means three phones in Luo, he talks about 3 phones he has. One is ringing but he doesn’t know which one.

Enos Olik has done a brilliant job on the video. The traditional theme fused with modern scenes makes the video ‘easy on the eye.’

We want you to be the judge. Is it a hit or a miss? Drop a word in the comment section.



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