Ballet Scholarship Offers Kenyan Teen Endless Possibilities


Joel Kioko, a 16-year-old from Kuwinda has been presented with life changing opportunities.


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The ballet dancer made headlines upon receiving a scholarship from the Cincinnati Ballet training program according to the BBC. The young talent shared with the Britsih Broadcast BBC the joys and challenges that come with dancing full time having already been on a grant for a dance program in the United States of America. According to a report on CNN, Joel has an array of options even receiving a full scholarship to the English National Ballet that could provide even more opportunities for an illustrious career as a dancer.


Ballet is known to be a very expressive and interpretive dance associated with the highest ranks of society. The chance to dance and make a life of the art form he loves most, does not escape Joel. He highlights the long hours of work even remarking “I do not have a teenager life” as he recounts training for hours on end. The skilled dancer has already received 3 years of professional training. When speaking about his love for dance, Kioko told CNN “I can’t fully explain it. It’s this excitement, this fire … when I get on stage and start expressing my body.” Getting his start at Karen C Primary School, Joel began training with a teacher who offered students a chance to learn the art of ballet. As he sets his sights on establishing a career, Joel looks forward to sharing his skill and establishing a dance studio in Kenya upon his return home.







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