Bahati, Willy Paul Compete For Title of Artist Most Likely To Turn Secular


After a heated debate online via the hashtag #GospelGotSecular , it is clear that many have their perceptions on what constitutes a gospel track and furthermore a gospel artist. From the times of Juliani, A-Star and even the crossover artist DnG the term “gospel artist” has began to loose its traditional meaning as the prim and proper musician who uses music to serve God and bring the lost to Christ. Instead, the term “gospel artist” is morphing to a term describing the artists known as a fame-driven bunch who lack talent but masquerade as disciples leading the masses to God. The result is a confused audience, fed with catchy tunes and new dance moves but lack any true connection to praise or worship.


The tracks that find popularity among listeners are no longer “gospel.” Musicians take artistic liberties fusing trendy beats to simple lyrics that mention God’s name a few times in the track’s verse. Motivated by the need to outdo each other, some artists are stooping to new lows, losing the message they once shared and instead focusing on the flashy videos and catchy tunes with lyrics that lack real content. However, it must be appreciated that the audience also have their part to play in this very sad situation. The new tracks on the charts only serve to meet the demands of the Kenyan audience.


The wrangles between Willy Paul and Bahati speak to the direction gospel music is taking in Kenya. But who will be crowned the “Prince of Kenyan Gospel” and earn the title of ‘Most Likely To Turn Secular”?



Known for his deep cravings to remain a topic of conversation, his shenanigans online and offline have had him gain a reputation of a fire starter. Far from setting the hearts of men on fire for Christ with his music, Willy Paul is known for setting the Twittersphere on fire his endless controversies. He has caught a lot of flak for his alleged relationships with a sugar mummy, a prayer partner and more recently fake marriage used to promote his track with Alaine. This all points to the fact that Willy Paul will do anything to remain a discussion point by Kenyans on Twitter.




Innocent, soft-spoken and talented are among the many words some use to describe the young gospel artist. Known for tracks like “Barua”, “Mapenzi” and the hit collaboration with gospel powerhouse Jemimah Thiong’o “Kwa Moyo Wangu” he has won many over with his sweet disposition. However, it seems that the youngster from Eastlands may not be all he says he is. Engaged in beef with Willy Paul months ago, their rivalry revealed a new side to Bahati fans were not aware of. Seeking to eclipse his adversary Willy Paul. His latest track “Nikumbushe” featuring Tanzanian star Rayvanny has everyone talking, trending online upon its release on the 5th of April 2017.



Rayvanny, best known for his collaboration with Diamond Platinumz on the track “Salome” makes for an interesting partnership with Bahati. The track received some praise but did not escape the wrath of K.O.T who were all too happy to share their take on the song. Bahati explained why he choose to collaborate with Rayvanny to but no avail. Twitter did not take note, but rather they fanned the flames of the ongoing debate #GospelGotSecular



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