Bahati Teases Major Upcoming Deal


Known to many as Eastlands Most Beloved, Bahati has had great success in and outside of music.

His latest feature on the track “Ndogo Ndogo” was a collaboration with David Wonder. Wonder has made a name for himself as one of the breakout stars of EMB with his debut track “Naelewa” reaching 25,000 views online. A young artist, David Wonder who was recently signed to Bahati’s EMB records seems to be a quick learner, with the release reaching over 500,000 views online within a month of its release. The video which received a positive response from is set to put David Wonder on the map, with it being the third release from the young crooner. As he mentors upcoming artists, Bahati seems to have stayed focused on his career as well. In a recent Instagram post, Bahati teased a new collaboration with leading manufacturer Bidco Africa.

Known for his humility and great work ethic, the new deal with Bidco, manufacturers of cooking oil, soap and other fast moving consumer goods could take Bahati to the next level. Though the full nature of the deal is still unknown, based on other posts online, it is rumored that he could be a brand ambassador for the popular brand. Planning for his wedding and preparing for a new chapter of his life, it seems that it can only get better for Bahati.  Hizo zingine ni vitu ndogo ndogo !





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