How To Bag Deals With A Great Pitch


After attending the TED Nairobi Idea Search where more than 15 presenters hit the stage, it became apparent that there are several hallmarks that make a great pitch. Here are various suggestion to make your pitch memorable and secure yourself the deal.


1. Keep It Simple

Much like a powerpoint presentation, the simpler the better. Keeping the content easy on the eyes, simple to understand and is a sure way to keep the audience’s attention on the matter at hand.


2.Know Your Content & Your Target Group

Before you step onto the stage, ensure you have your content on your fingertips. Also be sure to have done your homework on the target group you hope to present to. Content is king and the lack of it could make you look like a fool. Always have the facts to backup the information you plan to present to the audience. Though your powerpoint may not and should not contain too much information, speaking freely on the subject of your presentation, highlight key aspects of the project only serves to make you look like you truly know your stuff.


3.Stay Focused

While discussing the project, it is common that one would digress into another subject that bears no relevance to the project. It is essential to remain focused and only share information to the project presented. By discussing other matter in during the presentation, one could easily lose the audience’s attention. Remember you only have a certain time make your pitch, do not squander it.


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4.Make The Idea Known

It’s commonplaced for many to overlook the objective of the presentation. It is important to emphasize the importance of the idea and what it offers the audience. Until an audience, whether it be a group of investors or a panel of judges can identify the value of an idea, they will most likely be disintrested.


5. Engage The Audience

To making a lasting impression, always engage the audience. However, in doing so there is a fine line between keeping it informative and fun or coming across as a presenter reliant on the audience. Always be sure to drive the conversation but ensure you keep it light and fun when appropriate.


6. Step Out Of The Norm

Including multimedia resources in your presentation could get you the deal. Interesting, relevant images, videos and more could help you express what words cannot capture. Ensure you do not overpopulate your presentation with images and videos but rather strike a balance.





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