Back in the days in Campus: what was cool?


‘A blast from the past!’ has become a phrase that is often used today as fashion is recycled from the 90’s and 80’s style. Aping might be a bit harsh term to use but there is a lot of similarity between the lifestyle in the 80’s and now. Clothes, music, hairstyle, name it are being repackaged based on the style of the past; not that it is a bad thing. Retro items have an aesthetic appeal and a taste for retro is understandable. We are not too different from generation X but of course we cannot be totally alike. Let’s explore a little on generation X and our Y generation campus lifestyle.

afro flower


Skinny pants, fitting coat, afro; walk into University Way in 1980 and you would not fail to spot a few men in this look. Not so different now, is it? And the girls? The flowers (real or artificial) in the hair are not a modern trend that you have invented. This look was rocked even in the seventies, they called the artificial ones ‘flower combs’.


Students’ loan

Whether in a public or private uni or college, you have undoubtedly heard of the infamous ‘Helb’- a cost sharing scheme between the government and students to finance higher education. The loan is not a new idea, it has been existent since 1974, only that then it was called ‘boom’ and was better. Tuition was paid by the government and the loan was to meet accommodation and catering facilities. The catering also was, I here, way better than what we currently have in our campus mess halls. Chicken, sausages, bacon were staple foods at the student messes, and way cheaper than what we are offered today.

 take it to the streets

Comrade power

This is an issue that has made headlines; that comrade power is long dead. In our defense, the political atmosphere has not been as tyrannical as it was back in the day. That should explain why some of us see no need for strikes, pack our bags for home when the student leaders call for picketing.


Extra curricular activities

The national drama festivals have been retained though the enthusiasm for such events today seems to be in only the participants. Likewise for sports such as football but rugby however is being acclaimed quite well. Partying has stopped




    • the post is about retro campus lifestyle; how what it was then is not so different from what it is now. the idea is to spark off realization of how the past does not differ too much from the present by comparing campus lifestyles of the two generations. feel free however to share what you feel might have been left out.cheers!

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