Babu Owino: We want Obama to come to UoN or students will pee on his tree


Babu Awino

University of Nairobi student leader Babu Owino has written to the US embassy in Nairobi requesting President Obama to address the students at UoN failure to which 31 female students will urinate on the tree President Obama planted at the University when he visited in 2006 as the Illinois Senator.

It is not clear who the pee unit is but Babu says the male students will do worse and it will be “catastrophic, calamitious and cataclysmic, God forbid.”

Babu, in the letter, says the “furiously intelligent 84,000 students” are saddened by the fact that the US President is not scheduled to visit the University of Nairobi or  “any other Kenyan university.”

The SONU Chair goes on to say 18 students have threatened to commit suicide if the President skips UoN.

“I therefore honorably request your office to sufficiently appeal to President Barrack Obama to visit UON. All the students and staff will be eagerly awaiting his eminent visit and address at the great Taifa Hall,” says Owino.

Babu invites Obama to UoN



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