Babu Owino seeks President’s permission to burn abortion clinics

Babu Awino
SONU Chairman, Babu Owino

The Chairman of the Student Organisation of Nairobi University (SONU) has written to President Uhuru Kenyatta requesting permission to burn clinics performing abortions.

In the letter, Owino says the time to act against these establishments ‘is now’.

“Every day, more than a dozen abortions are carried out in Nairobi alone. This is dangerous, cantankerous and insanely unacceptable. Last month, a university of Nairobi student almost lost her dear life in the middle of a painful operation,” states the letter, copied to the Deputy President, CS Health, Interior CS, Chief Justice, The Senator and Governor of Nairobi, the County Commissioner and Sauti Sol.

Babu alludes that a ‘notorious clinic at Afya Centre, Nairobi’ will be the first to be burned down, if the permission is given.

Babu Letter



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