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Several media reports and Social Media posts emerged over the weekend saying artiste Avril had given surrendered her life to Christ in an event hosted by CUEA and attended by gospel singer Christina Shusho.

Naturally, we expected that Avril will leave the secular industry and join Size 8 who switched to gospel after years in the secular industry. But that is not the case, says Avril’s producer, Kaka Empire.

“Singer Avril is not crossing over to the gospel camp. Sections of the media have been reporting the singer is now a gospel artiste which is untrue. This comes after a video surfaced online showing the singer being prayed for by pastors,” said a statement signed by Dennis Njenga on behalf of Kaka Empire.

Njenga says Avril met Christina Shusho over the weekend at the Dreams Come True Initiative where she had been invited to speak as a member of the arts and entertainment industry.

“Christina Shusho invited Avril on stage and proceeded to ask her whether she would like to be prayed for. The singer did not hesitate and pastors in the audience came forward to pray for the artiste. While on stage the two discussed working together in future,” read the statement.

Avril did not confirm or deny that she got saved last weekend or whether she was switching to gospel music, instead, saying:

“I have always been very clear about how my faith is important to me. I would not be here if it was not for the love of Christ, so I had no objection whatsoever for the intercession from such powerful people in the ministry. The events, however, do not dictate that my career and strategy had an overnight overhaul. I continue to live my life in Christ as I always have through the guidance of my pastor and my mother, who everyone who knows me, knows that she’s my rock in the word of God,” says Avril.



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