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Rapper Rabbit to tour campuses to promote flowetry



One of the well known rappers in Kenya Rabbit aka Kaka Sungura is in a nation-wide tour of universities and colleges to promote his songs and provide a platform for poetry and free-style (flowetry) rap battles. Philip recently caught up with arguably one of the best MC’s in Kenya in this exclusive interview.


I must admit all your names are intriguing. Why the name Rabbit? Are you smart like a rabbit?

I used to sell rabbits when I was a kid. Ujanja ni mwingi pia (I am also smart) thus the name.


If you were approached by Peter Kenneth to turn your ‘Haiwesmake” hit to “Tunawesmake” would you accept the offer if the figures were good?

Una Biz ingine? Tembeza Kiatu! (I am Not interested). That would have been my response

 kaka sungura

How long have you been in the music industry?

 I’ve been in the industry since 2008


Is there a Miss. Rabbit or someone in the line of becoming the next Miss. Rabbit?

I am looking for one as we speak, but kuna yule nimespot!


I understand that you are also an entrepreneur. What are some of the businesses you venture into and how can fans access your products and services?


I run a branding company called Taurus media. I also run a rabbit farm in Kiambu. Then there’s my clothing line, ‘Kaka Klothing’ for the branded t-shirts & denim. Like the FB page ‘KakaKlothing’ and you will be able to access my products and services


Tell us your best three hip hop songs of all time

Song cry – Jay Z and my songs; Swahili Shakespeare or any of my songs


From whom or where do you draw your inspiration from?

 I draw my inspiration from experiences: My own and other people’s personal experiences.


Any future plans we should watch out for?

I just started the RABBIT-KENYA-TOUR and a university/college poetry tour. Watch out, your campus or colle might be next.


What’s your advice to the Kenyan youth on matters of morality and sexuality?

Live your life wisely. Everything you do has its consequence, but Kula Life na ikibidi make sure umetumia ‘nini.’ (But if you have to engage in sexual intercourse, make sure you use protection)


Any final thing you would like to add to your fans?

Mafans wangu mimi huwkumbusha, ‘I love you’, always remember to put God above everything. Work hard and be smart.

Rabbit on twitter at @RabbitTheKing

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