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Art expo at National museum to celebrate women’s day


march 8

Today marks international women’s day. A day we celebrate half the world’s population, the women in our lives that make the world a better place to live. To celebrate the Kenyan woman, six women will be showcasing different pieces of art at the National Museum this evening.

Caroline Khakula (ceramics), Lilian Wayodi (paintings) and Florence Wangui (charcoal designs) are some of the upcoming artistes that will be at the Museum. But as Kenya is engulfed in election tallying, some countries as Uganda have made the International Women day a national day. Uganda takes the day seriously as Mothers day follows on 10th March. Uganda men shower their ladies; mothers, girlfriends and sisters with flowers as a way to appreciate them.

The special day set aside to celebrate women has no fixed date. Different countries have different dates for marking it. It however falls between February to May; the United States mark Mother’s Day this year on Sunday 12th May. The UK on the other hand celebrates it this Sunday. In existence since the early 1900’s, the day was initially created to address the debate on women’s rights. The equality and fairness debate rages on in 21st century. Reported cases of violence against women continues with research showing that seven out of 10 women are raped at a point in their lifetime.


However, the situation is not as critical as it was a hundred years ago. Today we see more women politicians, prime ministers and even presidents. Women business role models are also increasing. With such achievements the holiday has gone from being a reminder of the negatives to a celebration of the positives.

Whatever chance you get to appreciate your mum, grab it!

A few tips on picking out a gift for your mum:

  1. If your choice is flowers, get a little creative. A single rose from City Market is a bit too easy, go for a bouquet of assorted flowers or better yet, framed dry flowers that can be used as a wall hanging.
  2. Get her a gift that she will not use around the house e.g. a thermos flask. You want to get her an item that she will treasure, one that won’t succumb to wear and tear in a few months.
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