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Are you most likely to marry your classmate?


I have heard love stories about how our folks and their friends met. A good number met their spouses in campus or college. Though my parents were not in the same college, my dad was in campus when he hooked up with my mum. Back in the days, life was pretty much structured and more predictable.


The routine was set; Finish high school, get a job without much hustle or if you are bright enough, proceed to Uni. Then get married soon after campus or college.


Fact is, we have more in common with a classmate than some random guy or chic in another college. We share lectures, do the same assignments, work on the same group course projects.


It’s far much easier to strike a conversation with a classmate. For guys, campus is probably the easiest place to chat up a chic. The same applies to chics. You can get closer to that guy in your class without appearing spooky.


“I missed the econ class. Can I see your notes.” or “I really don’t understand that sociology theory, maybe you can spare some time to explain it to me better?” These are just some of the pick up lines students use.


But have times changed? If you look around, do you see a future hubby or wifey in your school mate or do you only see a party-mate? Life in campo is quite relaxed (unless its exam time or you are doing Eng or Med), the rest of us BA students have ample time to socialize and live our campus life to the fullest.


We have time to meet and make life-time friends, and hopefully graduate with honors- plus a spouse if we are lucky. After campus, life gets a bit complicated. Office relationships are frowned upon and some organizations officially discourage fraternization.


Meeting someone special and getting to know them takes extra effort, time and money compared to campus. Then career pressure sets in, meaning less time to socialize. Next thing, your mum and your grandma are asking when ‘visitors’ will come with goodies or “when are you bringing us a girl?”


After all is said, I still think campus is the best place to meet a future spouse. But if you miss the boat, no need to despair, there is life outside campus.




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