Apple restores hope for deaf and blind students with coding program


Apple has started a free education program aimed at supporting persons with visual and hearing impairment. The program dubbed ‘Everyone Can Code’ will help the target persons overcome their challenges and be able to write code as well as develop applications like anyone else hence solving problems in the real world.

The comprehensive curriculum was created by Apple with the idea of teaching code to students all the way from kindergarten to tertiary levels. This has been made possible by providing guides and lessons that introduce the basics of iPad, making it fun and interactive. The curriculum is designed to encourage students to advance into developing real-world applications on Mac, and other more complex apps.

With the built-in Learn to Code lessons, one can use real code to solve puzzles and meet characters that can be controlled with a single tap, allowing students to enjoy an interactive learning experience. The curriculum has been equipped with a voice-over feature supported by screen reading technology for the blind and those visually-impaired, the gesture-based voice-over screen reader describes everything happening on the screen.

Persons with hearing impairment can also access the content through FaceTime which captures every gesture and facial expression, Type to Siri, closed captions, LED Flash for alerts, Mono Audio is also made for iPhone hearing support.

According to Apple, coding is an essential skill which teaches one how to solve problems as well as work as a group in creative ways, Explaining how the program works, Apple wrote on their website, “Learning to code teaches you how to solve problems and work together in creative ways. And it helps you build apps that bring your ideas to life.”



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