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App developed by TUK student aims to organize academic calendar


AirKlipBrian Ondari joined the Technical University of Kenya in 2013 to study Technology and Design. But he had to juggle classes with his freelancing job as a web and mobile developer.

“Most of the time, I would be late for class or totally miss because I was either too busy or forgot which time my class was,” says Ondari.

A year later, he realized he needed to get his act together if he was to graduate.

“I realized that I was really missing out a lot in what was happening in school and there was no one to tell me what happened unless I call the class rep to ask him what happened in school. More than once I handed in assignments late just because I didn’t know when they were supposed to be handed over,” says Ondari.

It’s not just missing classes that bothered Ondari. A couple of times, Ondari would wade through traffic and rush to class only to find he didn’t have class then or it had been rescheduled. It is at this point that Ondari thought of a solution to help student manage their academic schedule and that is how the idea of AirKlip app was born.

“The breaking point and inception of AirKlip came about when I sat for my first year end year exams. The school just gave a timetable of the exams on the notice board. I wrote it down in a book.  A few days later into the exams I misplaced the book with the timetable. So I had to wake up very early, travel to school from Kasarani, rush to the exam timetable on the notice board and check was exam happening next. Then start reading for the same before it could start. This proved to be a very had task,” remembers Ondari, who then went on ahead to create a simple timetable app as a result of his experience.

After developing the app, he showed some of his classmates and they all asked how they could have the app on their phones.

“The only problem is I could not do an app for all of them since all the data was static and for my course only. I promised them to make something that they all could use one day and that’s how the AirKlip journey begun,” adds Ondari.

One year down the road, Ondari has been joined by Moses Gathecha – a Comp Sci student at Moi Uni who now acts as the system engineer – and Maxwell Otieno (actuarial science student in JKUAT in charge of product development).


The android mobile app allows students to manage their time and schedule by organizing their classes, exam timetable into a calendar-like format. With a push notification service, the app reminds the students a few minutes before a class or assignment is due.

An interesting feature of the app is the ‘PalSync’ which enables class rep or group assignment leaders to easily share information keyed in on the app.

“With this, the students won’t have to keep up with an ever-changing timetable data. The class rep will just update on their app and share the same information with his/her class mates hence making school life hustle free,” explains Ondari.

AirKlip is working on a reward system where class reps will be paid depending on how active they are on the app. The team is beta testing the application and taking in AirKlip Ambassadors who will be students that are in charge of operations of AirKlip in their school.

Anyone willing to participate can make an application via http://airklip.com/ambassadors_program.html

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