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Apologise over ‘Koinange’ remark – UoN students tell Shebesh



University of Nairobi students have demanded an apology from Rachel Shebesh for a comment the politician allegedly made accusing female students at the University being prostitute. The students have given the politician 16 hours to make a public apology or face ‘consequences’.


Ms. Shebesh, who is running for the county women representative post, apparently made the remark on national TV on 24th February.


“We were greatly saddened and severely shocked by the irresponsible statement uttered by Ms. Shebesh. The Dishonourable member said Nairobi’s red-light district are littered by prostitutes studying at the University of Nairobi,” said Dorothy Kemunto.


Other student leaders at the press conference said they would mobilize Nairobi residents to vote against Shebesh if she does not issue a public apology plus a two-page apology letter to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Nairobi.

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