Anxiety , A Good Thing On The Job?


Picture this, it’s six o’ clock in the evening, most of your colleagues have already called it a day, having left at 5: 30, but there you are crunching away at the work, as you momentarily throw glances at the clock.

You feel anxious because you are late and everyone has already left. You get a certain head rush and your stomach twisting itself into knots as you watch the skies darken while the raindrops patter against the window. You quickly type away at the keyboard as you curse inside, weighing which of the tasks is almost immediate.

Sounds all too familiar right?

Anxiety is not necessarily a bad thing, here is why:

1.Anxiety Unleashes The Creative Genius In You

You have probably been banging your knuckles against your desk, with a quick head rush and fast-paced heartbeat, the adrenaline gets pumping and with it comes thousands of ideas to choose from. Voila! Problem solved, you can settle on one idea.

2.Anxiety Ignites A Competitive Spirit

Ok, if you are in a fast-paced career like sales, auditing, banking, radio, TV, then you probably do understand that feeling when you submit your work last, trust me , it’s not one of the best feelings , you feel irritable and it makes you thrive to do well within the organisation.  This fear of being the last one pushes you to challenge yourself to deliver in time.

3.Anxiety Boost Self-confidence

Ever heard of self-talk? Anxiety can do this if you talk yourself into winning at a situation or at life in general. Most people usually think self-talk is for people who need shrinks and are about to lose their minds. Unfortunately, that is where we go wrong, you see unless you encourage yourself and believe in yourself no one will ever believe in you. So, next time you are on the brink of getting a panic attack, talk yourself into winning, it will help to keep your nerves in check!

4.Anxiety Helps You Think Through Decisions

Ok , most people are bound to be over thinkers, they literally rehearse every situation in their minds over and over again, I know this , because I am what many call a worry wart, but that’s ok. This is because seldom do anxious people rush into decisions, the perks of this, is that they can avoid accidents that most fall prone to.




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