American school tries out 4-day school system

Colorado School District, has decided Monday is not a school day.

The Colorado School District has instituted this shorter school week, cutting out Mondays for a trial period. The new system hopes to reduce school board spending on substitute teachers and transportation costs for school buses. The new model is an attempt to make the best of budget.

Although students might be delighted at the thought of a 4-day school week, parents are apprehensive stating that they are worried they might not have anyone to watch their children while they go to work on Mondays.Teachers are just as excited students to have the shorter school week. Speaking to USA Today Superintendent Chris Fiedler said, “We really feel like Monday is the day to prepare and to be better for kids…This will give people a chance to have a weekend and then come in on Monday — whether they’re paid to or not because they’re doing that work anyway to be prepared for kids ”

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