Amber Rose Tired Of Being Referred To As A Stripper


Amber Rose feels degraded by the way people refer to her and Blac Chyna in relation to their former careers as strippers.

The businesswoman was joined at her annual SlutWalk – which was established in 2015 to raise awareness of social injustice issues, gender inequality and arts empowerment – by her friend, and she had some strong words regarding the need for the event on Sunday (01.10.17).

She told Us Weekly: “I think it’s the fact that we are ex-strippers. I feel like no matter how successful I get, people always say ‘former stripper Amber Rose’. They never say ‘former McDonald’s worker’ or ‘former Starbucks worker’. They say that to down us and degrade us and make us feel inferior. But we won’t allow that to happen anymore. So we continue to flourish and work and change people’s lives.”

Chyna was taking part in the walk to speak out against revenge porn, after her ex-fiance Rob Kardashian – with whom she has 10-month-old daughter Dream – posted explicit pictures of her on social media without her consent in July.

Amber has praised attorney Lisa Bloom – who is representing Chyna in her lawsuit – for standing up for women who have been a victim in similar situations. She added: “I think now with amazing people like [the attorney] Lisa Bloom, we don’t feel like we need to just take that on the chin anymore.

“I experienced that in 2011 when all of my nude pictures were leaked. I felt like I didn’t have anyone to talk to or anywhere to go to help me. Now Lisa Bloom is there for women like us.”

Meanwhile, it was previously reported that the aspiring rapper and the reclusive sock designer have come to an agreement over custody of their daughter in a deal which will see Rob fork out $20,000 a month in child support, while Chyna has, in return, promised to drop the domestic violence accusations she made against him.

Bloom had said before the custody case went to court: “We are attempting to work out an amicable resolution of all issues. If that fails, we will go forward with the hearing on September 18 so that the court will impose long-term consequences on Mr. Kardashian for his vicious online attacks on Blac Chyna.”




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