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Allegations of corruption dogs MMU as students stream back after strike

MultiMedia University.
MultiMedia University.

It’s been a month since Multi Media University was closed indefinitely following a demonstration by students that caused damages to the Rongai Campus. Apparently the students went on the rampage because the institution ‘is being mismanaged’.


“The strike was due to the failure by the administration to foster development and deliver services which the students are paying dearly for,” explained one MMU student.


Other students have raised allegations of sexual harassment against the Vice Chancellor who has been accused of harassing a junior officer.


“We were also angry that the top admin suspended the student governing body,” said another student.


Some student took their grievances to court suing the administration for corruption, nepotism, incompetence and the illegal closure of the school.


Some of the administration issues the student has raised include; substandard yet pricey food, the hostel was to be renovated but works are yet to start and that the library does not have enough books.


Multi Media University administration has imposed a penalty of Sh2,500 per student whenthey report back in campus.


“The penalty will raise Sh7.5 million…which is extreme considering the approximated cost of the damage was Sh200,000,” said one second year student.


#Mmucries trended on twitter last week as a result of the institution imposing the penalty.


First and 4th year students are reported back yesterday while 2nd and third years will report on 29th July.

Attempts to reach the administration for comments were unsuccessful.

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