Ali Kiba releases “Mvumo wa Radi” – a lesson in subtle advertising


Ali Kiba released a new track on the 12th of May.

The track titled “Mvumo wa Radi” was a track to introduce a new energy drink into the Tanzanian market. As Ali Kiba’s first venture into the beverage market, Mofaya energy drink is set to make huge sales ahead of its launch in June 2018. The product is produced in South Africa and owned by Alikiba and award-winning South African DJ Sbu.

The video may be a little over four minutes long,  however, it is a creative take on subtle advertising.

The energy drink will make its way to the shelves in Tanzania in June with plans to expand distribution into East Africa. According to a behind the scenes video, Ali Kiba has had this project in the works for quite some time. Choosing to work with a South African DJ Sbu, is a collaboration that is set to improve artist collaboration across the continent even beyond music.




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