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AISEC Week Offers Kenyan Students Opportunities To Travel The World


Over the last 12 months, AIESEC have been able to help over 100 students to secure exchange programs and student volunteer programs to several countries across the globe. Students have been able to travel to countries like USA, Germany, Poland, Russia, India, China, Rwanda, Uganda, Malawi among other countries across the various continents.

Students have also been mentored by several key personalities, key among them are Caroline Mutoko, Group Marketing Manager, Radio Africa Group, Robert Burale, CEO, RB Company, Akil Ahmed, Co-Founder and Marketing partner, Alternate Ad Agency, Geoffrey Mulei, CEO, Inkisha among others.

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AIESEC’s mission and mandate is in line with the University’s mandate of internationalization, which involves bringing as many international students to the university and helping as many University of Nairobi Students to travel abroad for a period of three months as they learn and experience other cultures. The students get an opportunity to learn, volunteer and gain the much needed work experience.

Some of the volunteer opportunities available to students include: teaching opportunities, medical internships, business and entrepreneurship among others.

Previous beneficiaries shared their travel, volunteer experiences of living in a foreign land. According to one member of the AEISEC team, Dennis Tugee, ‘Being in Germany was a culture shock. They are very conscious about time. They have a wonderful infrastructure system compared to us. I had a chance to learn a lot as I developed my leadership skills. I learnt a lot about fundraising.”

Among the students groups in the University of Nairobi, AIESEC remains to be the most active group that is geared towards helping students develop their leadership skills as they pursue their academic endevours. AIESEC is a student organization that helps in producing holistic graduates.


Visit the AISEC Kenya website for more details.


This article was first published on University of Nairobi site.

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