Airtel Trace Music Stars starts campus activations


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Airtel has been in different universities including Mount Kenya University (MKU), Nazarene University, Multimedia University (MMU) and Catholic University of East Africa (CUEA) in search of the next singing star. The campus activations are giving hopefuls a real opportunity to call, sing and stand a chance to be the next star in Kenya and possibly in Africa.

Airtel is in the process of looking for the next Airtel Trace Music Star and as a result, the activation team has been accepting only individual entries, allowing people to sing in any language of their choice, and in whatever genre they want; callers were allowed to use instruments as they register their songs.

Unlike other traditional types of music competitions, Airtel Trace Music Stars does not go through the regular auditioning and screening processes which often will result with potential stars traveling across towns to a single location to be auditioned.

With Airtel Trace Music Stars, all potential stars need to do is to call   0900 733 733 on their Airtel phones to stand a chance to be discovered, and they can call as many times they want as well.

“When you call 0900 733 733, you follow the voice prompts and choose either the karaoke service or the competition; after one has finished singing within a 15 second to 3 minute window, a text is sent to the caller confirming that the song has been received and is being moderated; within 24 hours another text is sent confirming that the entry has been successfully moderated, with a password and an opportunity to listen to the song on and share the entry among friends so they vote for them,” Airtel Kenya CEO Adil El Youssefi explains.

The competition continues this week with campus activations taking place in Daystar University, Kenyatta University, JKUAT and USIU.

The Pan African winner of the competitions will walk away with 30 000 euros, a recording deal with Universal Music, a week in NYC with AKON 1st class for a mentorship and a music video that will be aired on TRACE TV internationally. The national Kenyan winner will also win a Subaru Impreza courtesy of Airtel Kenya. The show will be aired live on NTV.

You can be part of the Airtel Trace Stars Kenya conversation through following #AirtelTRACEStar on Twitter.



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