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AIESEC Strath hosts social biz initiative for varsity students


Strathmore’s AIESEC student community has come up with an initiative for university students interested in social enterprise. The programme involves business training and culminates in a business plan competition that will see students from different universities pitch there ideas to a panel of prospective investors.


The training came to an end this past weekend on 27th October at Strathmore Uni.  Over 100 students, mainly from Stratmore, UoN, Daystar, JKUAT and Kabarak Universities, received training on different aspects of social business including business model design, market research, leadership, copyright and patent laws.


The initiative by Strath AIESECers – which they have dubbed ‘Lion’s Den’ – has attracted Proctor and Gamble (P&G), Genesis Consult and Growth Africa as sponsors for the month-long training and the business plan competition. Some of the trainers included; Nabeel,CEO of Genesis consult  ,Grace Wacera the country coordinator for Edge, Antony Ng’ang’a  and Isaac Rutenberg  CIPIT coordinator.


“The reception from students was great and was really interesting to find out that there were so many students interested in social business,” said Grace Wacera.


Lion’s Den main aim, according to Strathmore AIESEC officials, is to equip students with necessary skills to successfully start and run a social enterprise and also provide a structured avenue where students can showcase their entrepreneurship ideas and get valuable feedback from industry professionals.


This initiative comes at a time when thousands of graduates are chasing fewer job opportunities in the market making entrepreneurship a viable option.


During the social business week – an aspect of the Lion’s den programme – students learnt a social business is a business that targets the low income earners. A good example is the popular iko toilet.


Students (irrespective of whether they attended the training or not) are encouraged to send their social business ideas before 2nd November to ‘[email protected]’.


The submissions will be reviewed and the final seven will be notified and get an opportunity to present their business plans on 9th November.

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