Aga Khan University, Harvard partner to spearhead leadership training in Africa


The Aga Khan University School of Media and Communications (GSMC) together with The John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University graduated 69 students from across Africa of the Transforming Leadership for 21st Century Africa Programme on Wednesday, June 13th 2018 at Movenpick Hotel in Nairobi.

The senior leaders from various sectors were awarded certificates from The Aga Khan University Graduate School of Media and Communications (GSMC) and The John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University (HKS) for the successful completion of the Transforming Leadership for 21st Century Africa Programme.

The programmes is a result of a unique collaboration with Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) and marks their first collaboration with a university in the region to offer a leadership course. The programme combined the teaching experience of renowned faculty from both Kenya and USA and incorporated seasoned leaders to offer their expertise in dealing with leadership issues. In addition, participants were urged to find solutions to their leadership challenges.In his remarks, Michael Meyer, Dean, GMSC said, “This extraordinary opportunity has sharpened two of the most vital skills demanded by these challenging times. You now have with the skills to help you exercise leadership amid uncertainty with skill, purpose and effectiveness, and to speak and act with clarity, vision and authenticity.”

Aga Khan University Dean, Michael Meyer and HKS faculty Hugh O’Doherty award Eghosa Erhumwunse a certificate during the inaugural graduation.

Mr. Meyer highlighted AKU’s desire to see inspired leadership that is selfless in the drive for a better future for Africa. “It is my hope that through this progamme, you have changed the way you think about leadership and communication in your professional and personal lives. I challenge you to also share this knowledge with your teams, for the benefit of your organisations and the continent at large. Let us see you make lifelong networks, where you will help each other grow in your leadership journeys,” said Michael.

Leadership expert Hugh O’Doherty,  a faculty member at Havard Kennedy School of Government said, “Leadership, unlike authority, is not a position or a role. It is an activity – the capacity to mobilize people to address their toughest challenges.” He hoped the leaders have left the programme with a clearer sense of purpose and a set of skills that will make their leadership efforts more impactful. “Having witnessed your enthusiasm for learning, your willingness to take risks, and your deep caring, I know that the future of Africa is in very committed and compassionate hands,” he concluded.

The 69 graduates were from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Gambia, Egypt and USA.




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