Africa’s Top Indie Bands


Africa’s Top 5 Indie Bands

As an avid listener of all things indie, finally there is something in the market made by Africa for Africans to represent African’s distinct flair and musical talent. As Africans we now have something to call our own within the Indie and Neo Soul genre. The quality of music being produced; from the lyrics to the video production can compete at the global stage and in fact has already made strides in winning fans from all corners of the planet. Here is a list of bands that continue to put Africa on the map, I hope we can all rally behind them and support their artistry because there is room of all forms of art and every manner of self expression.

  1. Just A Bandjust_a_band-01

Just a band started from humble beginnings in Nairobi and has soared to play on various stages worldwide. Their fresh outlook on music and what qualifies as art has pushed many artists to do better. In fact, I believe that their craft opened the door for many to be different and their music continues to encourage the audience to allow diversity to flourish especially so with their engaging, unusual electronic indie tunes with lyrics that strikes a chord with audiences near and far.

  1. Mi CasaMi-Casa-Pictures-1

Based in South Africa, Mi Casa has a global appeal and their perspective on music in Africa is unsullied and original. Their understanding that music has the power to bring people together no matter the race or social strata is evident as they perform onstage in Nairobi, in Europe and even at President Obama’s Inauguration. The band comprises of J-Something, Dr. Duda and MO-T. All of the members are seasoned performers in their own right and that has probably contributed greatly to the band’s success.

  1. Beatenburgdj-clock-beatenberg

This band named Beatenburg is from South Africa and is slowly growing into the universal stage. The band’s collaboration with Dj Clock shot the band to the international scene with the song dubbed “Pluto/Remember Me”. It must have felt as an outer worldly experience for the group which was instantly flung to the top of the charts with that hit song. Collaborations like these push artists to expand their skills when pairing unlikely artists to create something innovative and something truly African. It also helps that the band members are easy on the eyes.

  1. H_Art The BandH_artband

This band is another rag to riches stories but it is no surprise that the band’s story has propelled their success with lyrics that most of the Kenyan population can relate to. Some would even argue that their song might be the soundtrack to the lives of many in urban ghetto. Theirs is a story of perseverance and determination that comes out in their music.  The band’s soulful melodies that carry their heavy lyrics with grace and flair are clean and best heard live. The band recently burst into the scene gaining popularity one year ago with their fusion of great music and inspiring poetry.

  1. Yellow Light Machineylm11

This band consists of students and recent graduates hungry for life, who seek freedom through self expression. The need to produce art for the sake of enjoyment is an important factor that makes this band’s sound untainted and unique. The band now has up to 9 members who all find expression through various instruments. The band combines the flute, African drums, percussion, bass guitar as well as awesome vocals that will keep any crowd entertained. Yellow Light Machine is still new, only having played a couple shows but as their repertoire increases so will their craft improve.


As Africa grows inward, I believe that it is important that we look into ourselves and seek to create for ourselves because no one can tell Africa’s story better than Africa. Support the music as we continue to encourage freedom and self expression in contemporary Africa. Which is your favorite band in Africa? Drop us a comment below.



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