African universities emerge top in international law contest


Uganda Christian University (UCU) and the University of Pretoria have emerged as the top contestants in the recently held global law moot court. This was the 2018 Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court competition that tests students understanding of International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights Law and other principles. The event was held in Washington DC, the international round ended on 7th  April 2018.

There were 645 law students from 95 countries at the Jessup competition which is the largest moot court competition held every year. According to the Jessup official website, the competition is usually a simulation of fictional conflict between countries at the International Court of Justice which is an organ of the United Nations. Each university gets to present a team that will battle it out with the others.
The University of Pretoria (South Africa) won in all its four rounds and became the best in Africa, placing it 5th globally. The Uganda Christian University also won and came in second in Africa after the University of Pretoria and was ranked 47th in the world. The top-ranked team was from the Colombia Law School (USA) followed by the team from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (Germany), the University of Toronto (Canada) and the Law Society of Ireland (Ireland).

The University of Nairobi (Kenya) has in previous years won an outstanding feat the Jessup competition but this year they were not as successful as other African universities led the way.



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