A nap a day keeps the stress away


Bored in class? Feel like taking a nap? Why not?

According to an article by USA Today College, more universities in America are encouraging students to take naps. “From separate rooms in libraries with cots and pillows to outdoor hammocks, administrators are not only telling students it’s OK to push the snooze button, they’re actually encouraging it.

Schools ranging from UC-Berkeley, which offers four campus REST Zones featuring lounge chairs that accommodate a total of 40 students at a time, to James Madison University, where students can reserve beanbags in 40-minute intervals in the school’s “Nap Nook,” are prioritizing sleep for their students. And now, a high-tech nap option called an Energy Pod is gaining traction at a growing number of schools nationwide.”

Uni of Miami

We all have fond memories of afternoon naps during preschool and kindergarten encouraged productivity and allowed toddlers . As a university student high pressure to perform, late nights of reading can cause many to under perform. So the next time you need to get ready for a major test,  nap is a sure way to re-energize.



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