A guide to student accommodation in Kenya


Moi University

moi uni

Moi University  is located in Eldoret and has three major campuses. Just like other universities, its accommodation is in crisis. For the few lucky ones, the school charges an amount of Kshs5000 to 7000 per year. Room application can also be done online here.  However, there are some good hostels in Eldoret town whose price ranges from Kshs 4000 to 6000 per year.

Technical University of Kenya

The former Kenya Poly  is located in the CBD, opposite Central Bank of Kenya. One students told capital campus that “hostels are scarce and very few”. Obviously if you wish to join this institution then it is not guaranteed that you will get a room. Its hostels are situated in South B and will average 7000. However, most of the students get private hostels in Ngara, where they charge Kshs250 per day. Application of rooms here is manual.

Multimedia University Collage

This University is located on Magadi Road, opposite Nairobi National Park. It has a bed capacity of 1026 spaces and 513 rooms.  Students pay a total of Sh17,000 per year, making it one of the pricey hostels for students.  The alternative is to get accommodation in Ongata Rongai, where prices vary from Kshs2500 to 5000 per month. Nazarene University students also use the fringe town for accommodation although the University has limited accommodation on campus.

South Eastern University

This university is located in Kitui County. The few rooms within the university are for sharing and the cost goes up to Kshs 15600 per year. If you are not lucky enough to get a room, there are some private ones around the university which go for a cost of between Kshs 1500 and Kshs 9000 per month. And please keep in mind that they are private rentals and not strictly designed as hostels for students.


                                                          Egerton University

Egerton University is located in Njoro, Nakuru county. Many call it a city within a city.  The university has a few rooms available for accommodation and the charges vary from Kshs 7000 to Kshs 12000 per year. Students in the Nakuru campus have more options as there are student hostels that average Kshs 3000.

University of Eldoret

It is among the latest universities in Kenya to be awarded a charter to operate as a fully fledged university. Located in Eldoret, this university offers holistic education that guarantees a successful future. It charges Kshs 7000 per year and those who miss rooms can get rental houses at a cost of between Kshs 2500to Kshs 5000 per month.

Maseno uni

Maseno University

This university is located in Western Kenya, and is one of the few universities that has enough hostels for students though there are options outside the campus.


masinde muliro uni

Masinde Muliro University

Masinde  Muliro University is located in Kakamega town, Western Kenya.  There are no sufficient hostels but for those who miss, there are available hostels in Kakamega town for rent and they are charged between 5000 to 8000 per month, depending on your pocket size.

For universities like KEMU, MKU, Daystar and various collages in Nairobi, our analysis has revealed that most of the students stay in Ngara, where they are charged a total of Kshs250 a day but the cost varies from hostel to hostel.

As you are now aware of the housing crisis in Kenya, next we will be talking about how you can manage your finances as a fresher.

Enjoy your stay at Campus



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