9 Serious Indicators That Your Relationship Is Doomed To Fail


Ladies, here is the tough question… how do you know your boyfriend or fiance will not turn into monsters a few years into a relationship?

To spare yourself the trouble, here are some telltale signs that the guy you like may be a dormant volcano waiting to erupt.

1. He Gets Jealous And Overprotective When Other Men Appreciate You

Does he openly show his dismay when other men eye you? If he throws tantrums at you and literally ignores you, then that’s a telltale sign of an overly jealous man. A gentleman, a true gentleman will pull you to the side and express his feelings. I mean which lady does not l love to be appreciated especially if a random stranger throws a stare in your direction which will leave you feeling like a goddess of nature.

2. He Loves To Be In Control Of Every Situation

If he dictates how you dress and talk when in public, then maybe you might want to rethink the whole relationship before it gets too serious. Why do I say this? It seems like you have no say in what you do. He owns you. Do not allow any man to change you.

3. He Openly Flirts With Other Women In Front Of You

If he does this, it’ s just a sign that he really does not respect you or your relationship. Real men don’t flirt with other women, at least not in front of their women. You really shouldn’t tolerate it.

4. He Is Not Keen On  Resolving Issues In The Relationships

Sometimes when people fight they have different ways of resolving their issues, some go quiet and then talk it out once each has calmed down, others openly argue which may involve abusive language. However, if you guys don’t talk it out, chances are that one of the parties will probably hold a grudge and then it will come up in an unexpected event, trust me this is not what you want.

5. He Only Show You Affection When People Are Around

That is a warning sign dear cause if he ONLY shows you that he likes you in front of other people that is a clear indication that he is probably trying to prove a point to people. This indicates his feelings may be insincere.

6. He Has Different Values From You

Whether you are of different religions or races, you guys need to openly talk about these fundamental differences as they could become an underlying factor that leads to a break up. The more you talk about these differences, the more they become a non-issue.

7. He Makes No Effort To Keep The Spark Alive

Each individual should make an effort to spruce up the love life to avoid getting stuck in a routine. Whether it is the small gestures or the grand shows of love and appreciation, some effort goes a long way.

8.  He Does Not Talk About You To Family Or Friends

Does he introduce you to his friends and family? If every time you ask to meet his family he responds with a very hurtful tone, he could be hiding something. Worse still, he may not comfortable with you being his friends and family around which should raise questions.

9. He Always Puts You Down

Does he put you down when you say something that he does not agree with or could be that you bought him an expensive gift or how you cook. There is a thin line between putting down and correcting someone. If a guy puts you down chances are that he probably does not respect you and he orders you around to boost his ego.

This article was written by Capital Campus Contributor Michelle Njeri.




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