8 Ways You Can Improve Your Chances Of Getting A Girlfriend


The saying`love is blind’ is a cliche that has long lost its meaning. It’s just a phrase that was coined by older generations in the times when the marriage didn’t entail seduction. If you are a guy and have been struggling to get yourself a better half but none of the girls seems to give in, below are some crucial things you should be mindful of to increase your chances of securing a girlfriend.

1. Work On Your Breath
There’s nothing that turns off women than bad breath. Brush at least twice daily, and always have a breath mint or chewing gum in your pocket just in case.

2.General Hygiene Is Crucial
Don’t be the reason everybody will march out of your friend’s room because you just walked in and they can’t bear the stench of your shoes, socks, and feet. Now tell me, if your fellow guys complain about your dirty socks, what do you think that girl you want will do? Ati you think she will tolerate that and love you? Naaaah!

3.Groom Decently
A couple of years ago, sagging pants was all you needed to project cool confidence. However, things have changed. It’s no longer considered swag. So, if you have any plans of quitting bachelorhood then you better dress up like a real man.It is also important to ensure you shower regularly and use applying cologne or body deoderant. Having a fresh scent and clean look can do wonders for how women are attracted to you.

4.Are You A Stalker?
Bro, have you already opened up to her and told her how you feel about her? No? What are you waiting for? Anyway, the point is: don’t be all over her social media. Liking and commenting on everything she posts on Facebook and Instagram renders you desperate for her. Get something to keep you busy. Don’t be the guy who keeps checking her Whatsapp status updates all the time. Come on, that’s too cheap. Ladies don’t like stalkers.

 5.Surprise Her With Random Gifts
Ladies like gifts, so spoiling them with random gifts and planning for proper dates moves the two of you closer. But be cautious on who to spoil with these gifts, don’t deplete your resources on somebody who does not care about you.

6.Your Choice of Words
We all want to date people that have good manners. So have some courtesy and mind your P’s and Q’s.  Your choice of words always says a lot about a person.

Now after you’ve done all the above, there remains one more crucial step. It is important, to be honest about what you feel about someone. Be clear about what you want, staying silent can have you miss out on a great opportunity. Always communicate.


This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent George Achoka.



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