8 Professors That Make For An Unforgettable Experience In Campus


College should be the most memorable part of our lives. However, aside from making awesome new friends, going to fun events every Friday night- the professors you meet can make or break your GPA. Though there are certain standards set by the university, their personalities and the way they run their classes determine the type of experience students have. Just like students, no two professors are the same.

Here are just a few that you will run into during the best four years of your life. If you haven’t met all eight yet, don’t worry you will. Understanding these professors will help you get your bearings as you try to survive and eventually pass their classes.


1.The Traditionalist aka “Old School Professor”

Whether it’s refusing to use the projector or requiring students to purchase a textbook, it’s safe to say the Traditionalist is stuck in the past. They stick to traditional teaching methods and never stray from the lesson plans. They get by fine with handwritten notes, thank you very much. Oh, and if you have a question, you better raise your hand because speaking without permission will not be tolerated.


2.The Hot Mess

This professor is often seen sprinting to class on any given day, forgetting to notify students that class was canceled or losing that 10-page paper you spent a week on that happen to be 40% of your grade.


3.The Nutty Professor

Every school has one- that one professor who can be described as a total comedian. They are incredibly loveable and an expert in their field. He has fun regaling students with anecdotes and jokes but doesn’t actually teach very much. They’ll quickly shift from textbook material to the totally hilarious Churchill television show they were watching last night. These lectures can be very entertaining but you’ll find yourself walking out of class thinking “Wait..what were we supposed to learn today?”


4.The Slides Guru

This professor I know all too well. The slides guru simply reads the slides in class. They don’t analyze, they don’t explain, they just read. You remember them because you don’t have to take down notes because he’ll email everyone a copy anyway.


5. The Tough Cookie

He /she is a living legend in your school. The professor demands a lot from students and holds high uncompromising standards for their performance. They run class the same way they would run a military camp with harsh restrictions and swift punishments for anyone who dare challenge them. Their classes are tough but always reward the students who put in the effort.


6. The Newbie

You mistakenly identify them as another student on the first day of class. Their lectures are a little disorganized and still haven’t mastered answering students’ questions. One thing for sure you won’t be falling asleep in their class anytime soon because you adore their trendy wardrobe and use of technology.


7.The Counselor

Without your parents around, it’s easy to miss grown-up guidance every once in a while. Luckily, the best professors become much more than an instructor. They encourage students to share their opinion, no matter how much they disagree. They understand the struggles of college and genuinely care about what’s going on in your life outside of college.


8.The Accent

This guy is definitely one of the nicest professors on campus and not that there is anything wrong with being taught by someone from a different culture, but some professors have truly difficult accents to understand. Be prepared to leave class with very strange sketchy notes full of words you did not know existed. If you need help, consult a textbook. Need more? Ask this professor for extra help….via email.



At any college, you’re sure to have some fantastic professors and some who are more difficult to work with.  Regardless of the type of professor you have, do your best to have a good relationship to ensure you to have a good experience in class.


This article was written by Capital Campus Contributor Stella Wambui.



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