8 Ingenious Ways To Cut Your Daily Expenses As A University Student


Everything seems expensive. Every day is just about shelling out the limited cash given to you by your parents. You are always broke and worried about how you are going to make ends meet during your stay in campus. Do those sentiments sound familiar? I’ve got you covered! Here are 8 ingenious ways to cut your daily expenses as a university student in order to leave some extra cash for saving.


If those sentiments sound familiar, here are 8 ingenious ways to cut your daily expenses as a university student.


The secret to proper financial management is planning. Without right budgeting from the beginning of the semester, life can get really tough as the semester proceeds. However, if you plan ahead and make a budget of your daily costs, for instance, allocating cash towards books, food, and socializing, you will discover that your money will not run out as suddenly as has been the case.
2.Do not be tricked by supermarket offers
The moment money steps into your pocket, there will be that temptation to spend it even on unnecessary items. Avoid being duped by the supermarket offers. Do not be brainwashed by the seemingly unbeatable supermarket offers because they only destabilize your financial plan. Only buy what you will use.
3. Shop strategically
Many shops in and out of campus sell items at a discounted price near closing time at around 5:30 to 7:00 PM. During that time, buy a snack to keep you going or even lunch for the following day. Purchasing food at a discounted price on a daily basis will save you loads of cash.
4. Cook regularly
Instead of ordering a takeaway or eating out every time,  shop for food from the supermarket and cook. You can cook together with friends with each member contributing at intervals.
5. Buy second-hand books
Buying brand new books can be pretty expensive. Nevertheless, most final year students are glad to sell their second-hand books at a subsidized price. Before purchasing a second-hand book, consult with your lecturers to know if the earlier editions of course books are still valid to use.
6. Ask for student offers
Do not feel shy to ask about student offers at events, for instance, Churchill Show, festivals, and even theaters. Many event organizers will be more than willing give you a student discount.
7. Buy a bicycle
You will save a lot of cash if you cycle to school rather than paying bus fare daily. Besides saving money, you will save time moving from one lecture hall to the next. Riding is also enjoyable and good for your health.
8. Take up Online assignments.
Another ingenious way of cutting your daily expenses while in uni is by taking paid online assignments. Instead of using your computer for reading notes, playing games and watching movies alone, turn it into a money-maker. There are many online writing platforms where you will be paid for writing. Simply sign up for free and begin making extra cash to meet your needs during your free time.



This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent Erick Were.



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