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7 ways to get the best out of your campus life


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A lot has been said concerning Campus life, both good and bad in equal measure. To some, the process is regarded as completely useless regarding the rocky employment terrain in Kenya today and the unforgiving unemployment figures. These combined, you realize Campus is still the home for good brains and those whose lives are dotted with golden lines. Is it therefore possible to set yourself apart from the critics and get the best out of your Campus stay?

Take Advantage

Most of us do not bother to be conscious of our environment. We take too long to internalize the fact that the ultimate goal of employment (if that is yours), might not be easy to achieve without adding some spice to our profile. Take advantage of the facilities offered by the college. A lot is offered, by the way- in terms of opportunities to meet potential mentors and business moguls through clubs and societies, departmental talks and other forums. Take advantage of such opportunities and ensure you maximize their utilities. You never know who you will meet in such engagements, they could shape your destiny.

Be Moderate

Campus is the last place where you should exercise your extremism. In this age of the World Wide Web, the internet never forgets. All a potential employer needs is to google you before you come in for an interview. Images of you leading a demo or in a wild party will significantly lower your chances of getting a job. Campus presents the best chance to shape or misdirect your life. It is a very good agent of fate. The best way to avoid an unhappy ending is to be moderate. Avoid being a hermit or book warm, there is more to campus life than the library.

Befriend Lecturers

Most students don’t bother building a rapport with the lecturers. Unknown to most students, lecturers make the best of resources while you are in campus. Of course, you know the boundaries to draw, especially if you are of opposite genders. Most teaching staff are ready to share beneficial information if they see the interest you have. I have a friend, who graduated and went to his lecturer (whom he had earlier befriended), and asked him for the contacts of one of his former students whom he had supervised in his project. The lecturer indeed helped him get a guy who eventually helped him get a job. It can as busy as that. A reference from a lecturer is very credible.

Update your Phone Book

The contacts you make in Campus prove to be very important after Campus Life. If you watch the moves in the political field and even the corporate world, you realize former class mates literally gang up to control the country’s socio-economic and political spheres. It’s the old-boys clubs that run the country. The contacts you have on your phone book could prove to be very important later. Make friends, valuable friends. Do not be afraid to discard those who give you more disutility. As was said, by former deputy Chief justice, ‘you must know people’. Make friends, avoid enemies.

Seize every opportunity available, even if it doesn’t make sense now

If your Campus offers students a free chance to study Chinese or any other foreign language, why can’t you give it a shot? You will find that the additional lessons will be structured in such a way that the lessons will not clash with normal classes. Imagine, when you leave the campus gate, you will be required to pay quite a lot to study the courses offered free of charge in your campus. The same applies to all the facilities provided within your campus.

Be careful about campus politics

Campus politics has shaped the political career of many people in Kenya. However, it is also worth noting a number of people have destroyed their lives in the murky waters of student politics. Talking about strikes in this case is not fair, but you understand what I mean. As much as it is good to be relevant politically in the Campus, it is wise to be careful. Getting the best for yourself out of campus might require you be strategic, clever and with a view of the big picture. This should not shutter your political dreams, but remember to be careful.

Be Original

With the new relationships you are forming, you will most likely be influenced, negatively or positively. But you need to keep your personality. Your personality will always remain after passing through the graduation square. Most activities done in groups in campus are always enjoyed individually; they could also be regretted individually. Therefore it is only wise to retain the individuality so as to realize ones goals


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