7 Prime Reasons Why Bad Boys Make The Best Lovers


Most ladies are drawn to the bad boy mostly because the bad boy possesses this unwitting charm, humor, he knows how to make a woman feel like the only girl in the world.
But, have you ever stopped to wonder why some ladies will marry that bad boy?

1. Bad boys are very protective of their women.
Maybe it stems from the fact that they are known to cheat and possibly think their lady might have wandering eyes. Nonetheless, they become protective, because for once they have settled on someone they like and they are not going to let anyone touch or look with desire at their woman. Like it or not ladies love a protector.

2. Bad boys spoil their women.
This may be in the form of overly pricy dates at expensive restaurants and even extravagant gifts. My guess is that they do this is because all men love to be validated, thus, when he comes home, he wants to feel appreciated, adored like a king, so if the pricy gifts will get those compliments oozing from you, so be it.

3. When bad boys love, they love hard.
When with the right person, a bad boy is more than willing to let down their bad boy demeanor for a woman. If they really see a future with you, it is kind of cute come to think of it, isn’t it?

4. Bad boys are unconventional.
You know when you date someone, then they take you for dates to the same restaurant all the time, copy the trendy relationship fads, doesn’t it irk you a little as a woman? You ask yourself why can’t he surprise me and escape from being so predictable. Ladies love adventure. So if a guy is adventurous and not afraid to go against the grain when it comes to relationships, it sparks a lady’s interest and keeps her hooked.

5. Bad boys take their time.
As women we never like it when men rush to say the four letter word “Love”. With bad boys, they will take time before they declare their love for you. Probably because they have been with so many ladies, they need to take a step back and figure out why they like you a lot. The downside here is that when they find themselves confessing how they truly feel, they will pull away which makes many of us ladies think they are not interested. However, from my interaction with guys who do this, it’s usually because they need to figure out what those feelings are. Thus, they will be slow in showing overly romantic gestures in the beginning until they are sure that they want a serious relationship with you.

6. Bad boys know how to give compliments.
A bad boy is blessed with the gift of the gab. Their choice of words when complimenting women, is like no other. They are so well thought out and phrased that you feel like a queen.

7. Bad Boys are loyal.
As contradictory and ironic as this may come out, once they choose to settle down with you, you will be the only lady they put on a peddle stool, other ladies may come and try to get their attention but their mind will always reel back to you .It’s kind of absurd to say, but most bad boys will seldom forget a lady they love. So in order for him to do that as a lady you must make him chase you for a long time. Thank me later once you have him on lock down!



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