7 Characters Every Intern Is Likely To Meet While On Internship


The internship offers students and new graduates a chance to interact with an office environment. This experience is important to help bridge the gap between what you learn in class, mostly theory, and practical work. As a fresh intern, there are various types of people you are likely to meet in the office. Some good others a nightmare. Here

Here are a few characters you might encounter:
1. The Counselor:

This person always has some piece of advice everytime you have an interact. It always starts with “you know you, young people…”

2. The Snob:

He or she pretends that they can’t see you. They will enter the office, shake hands with everyone but you. Despite this, you are happy since you have never wronged them, besides it’s your third day.

3. The Bully:

Always have smiles on their faces, but they are smooth criminals. They will send you to fetch a cup of coffee, make you get a copy from the printer and even send you airtime across the road.

4. That person who never gets your name right:

Each time they see you, they will ask you to remind them your name, sometimes they mispronounce it and the worst of all, call you by your surname like Kiprotich yet you are a girl.

5. The Gems:

These people are always willing to answer your questions and to show you how to perform various tasks. They make for a smooth internship period, their kindness overwhelms you to a point where you bow your head and pray for them.

6. The Angry One:

They will shout and scold you make even the slightest mistake. It is embarrassing. Surprisingly, these people end up calming down and showing you how things are done. They are just like our parents.

7. The Flirt:

Female interns are most likely to run into these unsavory characters in the office corridors. He often does not shy away from asking you out for lunch, even call you on weekends and hints he hopes for a relationship with you. It is good to have limits, especially with your office colleges. Politely turn down these strange offers and avoid having relationships which might end up being trouble.

Your patience and endurance are put to the test during the internship period. Always have a positive attitude and be disciplined.


This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent Gladys Njoroge.



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