60 percent of graduates working in a job that doesn’t require a degree



More than half of university graduates in the United Kingdom have jobs that do not even require a degree, a survey has found. The UK Graduate Employment Survey by the Accenture Strategy polled 1,000 students who are set to graduate by the end of this year and another 1,000 who graduated in 2013 and 2014.

From the poll, 60 per cent of 2013/2014 lot says they are either under-employed or working in a job that did not require a university degree qualification.

These findings contrast the views of this year’s graduates of whom 77 percent feel that they are ready for the job market after completing their studies.

“While only 16 per cent of this year’s graduates say they expect to earn £19,000-a-year or less in their first job, a quarter the of 2013 and 2014 graduates, however, say they have an income in that range,” states an article in The Independent. 

The survey further shows that 80 percent of 2015 graduates considered the availability of jobs in their intended field before choosing their university course even though only 555 of 2013 and 2014 graduates are currently working in their preferred career fields.

In their quest to find their dream jobs, 28 percent of this year’s graduates said they would consider opportunities abroad as compared to 19 percent from 2013/14 group.

However, 40 percent of this year’s graduates said they would settle on an unpaid internship if a job does not come forth.



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