6 ways to jump start your career while in Campus


1. Look out for internship opportunities

Companies usually hire fresh graduates as interns. These internship positions usually become permanent positions if you work hard and prove that you are a valuable addition to their ranks. While doing your internship it is encouraged that if any positions open up within the organization you express interest if it aligns with you career plans. Always strive to do your best, absorb new knowledge so as to add to your work experience if suppose you decided to later on move to another employer. And don’t ignore an internship even if it does not pay. As long as its within your career path, take it for the experience.

2. Look outside the box

Most if not all university students think that they need to find careers aligned to what they studied in school. However they will find out later, albeit late, that all you need is passion for what you do and you are set to go. In essence, students should look for career prospects revolving around what they enjoy doing as opposed to what they studied. If you are going to be working for at least 40hrs a week you might as well enjoy what you are doing.

3. Make friends with your Professors

The biggest career resource a university student has is their lecturers and professors in school. Most students take their university faculty for granted not knowing that these are the people with deep ties coupled with industry connections. Students then need to be-friend their faculty so that they may spare a few contacts for you. Some companies contact these faculty heads directly when they are in need of new employees.

4. Get involved in leadership activities and clubs

A lot of employers say that the first character trait they look for in prospective employees is their leadership ability together with their ability to work in teams and work well with others. This is where campus activities come in play, join a club and help them achieve some sort of milestone that you can include in your curriculum vitae. Clubs and activities help one to cultivate their leadership and team work abilities. There are many clubs that help students interact with professionals like AIESEC, SIFE and Rotaract.

5. Networking

One of the most important skills for a college graduate should be the ability to socialize and network with prospective employers in a very respectful yet fun way. You should attend career fairs and any events that put you in the same room with possible employers. You should know how to approach them without nagging or begging for a job. People have been known to get jobs instantly just from networking with employers.

6. Career Resources

Access the multitude of career resources available especially with the internet age where everything is available online. Look for possible internships and career opportunities available through the various online and offline listings of the same. When push comes to shove with the few job opportunities one should know that the ability to stand out from the rest puts you at an advantage.



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