6 Ways You Can Achieve A Work-Life Balance in The New Year


Honestly, it’s the toughest things I’ve ever had to do. Keeping those grades high and still ensuring you are a commendable worker. Making sure your boss doesn’t breath fire on you when you underperform. Every Monday I leave for work and check your weekly routine, quitting my job is just the first thought that comes to my brain. But for me that’s not an option, am better than that and besides I like my work too.
Deferring school is not an option, I mean come on! How old will be when I finally decide to school full time? 30? One must just balance the two. The big question is how do you do it?

1. Do Not Hide The Fact That You Are Still In School From Your Boss
Believe me you, they’ve been there, they’ve done that. It’s not a crime to work and attend school. However, you have absolutely no reason to hide this. Informing them makes them know who they are dealing with, which will give you the advantage. They will obviously want to know how they can help or how to schedule your work so your docket does not suffer. Once that’s done it’s a win-win for both of you.

2. Extra Effort Comes With The Territory
There is no easy way out. You have to work harder and make more sacrifices. Someone told me, once you get a job and are still in school, forget about your social life. That’s okay for me since I don’t have much of a social life anyway. For you who does, I know the one day off in a week means a lot. You want to rest, keep up with friends, family, do assignments and much more. You are human you can’t do it all. So, how about you set your priorities? Do what’s valuable first.

3. Stay Healthy
Am certainly not a doctor, but a healthy life is a much more productive life. Do some yoga, eat healthily. As they say, garbage in, garbage out. Treat your body well and I promise you it will not disappoint you.

4. Quit Complaining
I know, for some of us, complaining completes us. Complaining just restricts your brain from being more productive. You tell me, while complaining will your brain find ways to do something better or just find better ways of complaining? I hope this makes you feel better, but am working on quitting complaining. I hope we do this together.

5.Develop Self Discipline
You can be capable of doing great things, but without discipline, you are as good as useless. The more disciplined the more productive you become. I know the urge to remain as you are is intense, but remember you want to move forward not backward. The goal is to achieve discipline as tough as things might be around you.

6. Always Remember Everything is Seasonal
You are going to be in a better place in 3-4 years. You will have all the time to do what you want. Just secure your future first. Do it now and do it well.




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