6 Reasons Why Small Boobs > Big Boobs


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It’s hard enough being a woman, more so if you happen to be one of those bust-challenged females to whom unpadded bras are a rumour. The problem with our highly sexist society is the fact that we glorify boobs, all men basically drool over them, and that basically cuts those of us in #TeamMapera (guavas) out of the picture. It is rather painful I must say, especially if you were also a late bloomer and had to wear vests as your peers proudly flaunted their boob tops and bras. And I won’t even start on the fact that girls with visible mammary glands would get all the boys way back in high school…anyway, despite the low self-esteem that was induced as a result of le small boobies, I can proudly acclaim that I am in love with my bust size. To my fellow A-Cup mates, here are 6 reasons why small boobs are a win:

  1. Pretty Bras: need I elaborate on this?? We all know A to C- cup bras happen to be the prettiest in the market. All those pretty pink bras with cute little dolls and ribbons and cartoon characters all come in the small cups. Call me childish but every woman has a stash of those girly bras that they cherish. Too unfortunate that the D-Cup wearers always end up with the plain black and brown ones, plus wouldn’t the cute colourful bras just look out of place if they happened to wear them?
  2. No Back Pains: we all at one point envied the lasses with massive amazon boobs and admit or not, felt a tinge of jealousy every time they would come down the stairs as their boobies jiggled. Well, one thing they didn’t tell you is the fact that carrying around that whole mass isn’t as easy as it seems, the back pains are proof enough. Before you start calling me a sadist and an insensitive jerk, I am just trying to prove a point here *hides under table*
  1. No Sagging: perhaps this is of the biggest pros for Team Mapera, your boobs will never sag. Let’s face it, all these big round boobs are a fantasy till they start sagging then the nightmare begins…


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