6 Reasons Why He Doesn’t Text Back

It is common knowledge that men are awful at texting. Often it is difficult for a women to understand if a man has has pettiful at texting or he just not interested.

Here are afew reasons why  he may not be texting you back:

1.Your Texts Lack Content
You just text ‘hey’ . What is hey? What’s the secret meaning behind it? It’s simply says, ‘ am bored and idle , entertain me please!’ Now that’s annoying, irritating and boring .

2.You Text Lack The Appropriate Timing
You know his schedule and routine but you just can’t help it. Just when you are sure he is in a very serious meeting, you text. He might not even read it or maybe decide to read it later but one thing for sure is he is going to forget about it the moment he pockets his phone.

3.You Boring Him
Your conversations are not exciting. There is nothing he looks forward to in the conversations you share. You are one of those people that after greeting you write the obvious “niambie.”It is important to note that if he had something to tell you, he would have reached out first.

4. You Text Too Much
You have developed a routine for yourself, you text in the morning , lunch hours and any time you have a second free. You are too predictable which is boring. A little bit of mystery is exciting. It may be difficult to keep yourself from texting your love intrest, but letting him chase you could also serve as a great strategy.

5.You Are Too Available
He know even if he takes eternity to reply you text really fast when he texts back . It’s like you are just there waiting for him to text . Get a life and take as much time as he takes to reply unless it is an emergency. Never act too desperate, it is not an attractive trait.

6.He Just Is Not Into You
A guy once told me if he is interested he will put in effort and his time. Sometimes he is just not into you but because the heart wants what it wants. One will only keep texting because they are interested. Read the signs and respect yourself and keep off .

This article was written by Capital Campus Correspondent Rose Wughangar