6 Questions You Should Never Ask Your Professor


Everyone agrees it’s important to maintain a good relationship with the lecturer. True. But students at some point during class have a preference of stepping out of line when it comes to asking queries.
Questions are good, especially where a student needs verification or broad understanding of the topic at hand. However, some questions, when asked may end up wrecking that perfect reputation you’ve preserved with your lecturer.

1. Is This Unit Simple Or Difficult?
Never ask such a question because the response is never good. The lecturer may swing it around, depending on his/her mood, which could have it backfires on you, putting you on the outs with your professor. This could be a situation that a student may never come back out of.


2. Will This Topic Come In The Next CAT?
The professor spends hours going through the course to ensure you understand it better and this should definitely be the last question he/she want to hear from you. This shows you are lazy  and avoid putting in any effort towards the coursework.


3. Did I Miss Anything Important You Taught Yesterday?
Missing classes due to varied reasons is normal for anyone. But you’ve got to know that all classes are important regardless of what’s being taught. For this query, the lecturer will see you as a student who does not value full class attendance.


4. I Submitted My Assignment Two Days Earlier. Quite impressive, uh?
I don’t think any lecturer cares about how early you hand in your work. He’s only impressed if you’ve done it correctly as instructed. Actually, don’t gloat over your speed in such a case.


5. Is This Unit Relevant To My Major Course?
Every unit outlined during that semester is crucial and well connected to your major. No need to question its relation to your course. Your lecturer is well prepared for the course and asking this question will certainly be offensive.


6. Majority of Students Got Bs In The Test But You Gave Me a C. What Happened?
This approach is  sure way to expose your immaturity and could leave a bad taste in the month, especially so for lecturers who receieve this question. Go through the work, instead, and compare what your colleagues wrote with want you had. Make adjustments where possible.



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