6 Kenyans in Africa top 20 young powerful women list


Six Kenyan women are among the ‘20 Youngest Power Woman in Africa’ in this year’s Forbes magazine list.

Nominated Senator NaisulaLesuuda, Yvonne Khamati, Kenya Airways Captain Irene Koki Mutungi, Jamila Abass, Linda Kwamboka and Susan Oguya made it to the 2014 list for their achievement in their respective fields.

Lesuuda, who became the youngest Kenyan to ever win a Presidential order, has been recognised for her contribution in promoting peace among pastoral communities in Kenya.

“Thank you all for your kind words after being recognised by Forbes among 2014 young influential women.Didn’t see it coming, I can only push on,” Lesuuda said. She thanked those who sent congratulatory messages on her twitter handle.

The first ever woman airline Captain in Africa, Koki, 39, was recognised for her career exploits. Khamati was rewarded for being the youngest diplomat.

She is the Deputy Head of Mission in Somalia after her appointment by President MwaiKibaki at 25.

Forbes recognised Abass, Kwamboka and Oguya for applying MFarm that has transformed the lives of many farmers in the East African region by linking them with buyers of their products



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