6 investment options for Uni and college students


It’s that time again. Time to go back to university or college. Your parents have given you pocket money. You need to start learning how to save your cash now because some times it’s over so fast it’s like it was stolen by the passing wind. Once you have done your budget and you have some extra cash for savings, its time to invest it. The thing is to learn how to start saving cash so that you always have money now and in the future. How do you do that? Use your pocket money or the cash that you have to invest.

As an undergraduate student I had a part time job and I also had a small biashara selling jewelry. By saving money and also by sacrificing some things that were not important I was able to buy shares. Some I sold when I was broke and some I still have up to today. They are the corner stone of my wealth plan.


As a Masters student and with a full time job, I still look back at my undergraduate days and think – ‘I am made the right choices.’ I got burnt in a couple of deals (that’s why I am telling you to be careful where you invest) but overall it was worth it. I would advise any university student to save money for a rainy day. Investing part of your pocket money or money that you get from jobs can be a good option although it is not for everybody. Here are a few ways you can use your money wisely:


1. Invest in a merry go round.

Start a merry go round with your friends. You can contribute each week, or every month. For every round there is somebody who receives the money. At the end of each month, a member gets contribution from all members then the circle goes round again. When it’s your turn, you can invest it again or buy something that you had planned for like a radio, shoes, and clothes. Merry-go-round teaches you the discipline of saving money. Some of these chamaas, if well managed can end up being an investment club.


2. Invest in the stock market.

To do this you need to get a broker who can help advise you on shares to buy or if you are business smart you can just invest the money by yourself. It is important to shop for a broker who will work well with you and your needs. The best way to get a good broker is to ask for references from people you trust who are actually investing. If you are not sure about investing in the stock market and it’s your first time to invest, you should probably invest a little cash first to see how it works. If it is good for you then you can invest more. Share brokers usually charge a commission on transactions but if you’re buying shares through your bank they won’t charge a commission (well I know Equity doesn’t).





  • Investing from a tender age grants a student a passage into financial independence. I appreciate this article because with the rise of living cost and high number of youth who are unemployed this the way for new students in campuses as well as those who have not taken an initiative. The first step is always important in getting an individual his ultimate goal.

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