6 Beauty Products You’re Using That Actually Do Nothing


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Alright girls, you all want to stay healthy and look your absolute best. So you troll the beauty aisle, picking up little pots of ointment, bottles of cleanser, and tubes of cream that all promise breathtaking results. In fact, the only thing that’s breathtaking is the price tag. Health and beauty experts tell The Wisebread that 90% of these products are simple soap and moisturizer in expensive packaging.

Save your hard-earned shillings and protect yourself from a plethora of unnecessary chemical ingredients by tossing these 6 pointless beauty products to the curb, or with any luck, you could try OLX if it pains your financial soul to see them in your trash bin.

1. Anti-aging cream

There is no such thing as a face-lift in a bottle. The value of an anti-aging cream can be determined by its active ingredients. Most are nothing more than moisturizer in a fancy container. It appears to plump and smooth for the moment, but results are temporary.

2. Toner

Many women have been taught that toner is an important part of a daily skincare regimen, but this is outdated advice. Toner is nothing more than a cleanser meant to remove soap residue. The good news is, most modern facial soaps leave little to no residue, so you can skip the second-cleaning.

3. Cellulite Cream

Like anti-aging creams, we want so desperately to believe that anti-cellulite creams can smooth and tone our bodies. Unfortunately they can’t. If you look closely, most of these products claim to reduce “the appearance of cellulite.” Big red flag. While the caffeine in most formulas will temporarily firm the skin, the only thing that can really remove those dimples is a healthy diet and some exercise.

4. Shaving Cream

They feel nice, but most shaving creams are an expensive way to help the razor glide smoothly over your skin. Look for a moisturizing body wash with lots of glycerin, and kill two birds with one stone.

5. Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Spotted a few flakes on your shoulder? You might want to reach for the anti-dandruff shampoo — but don’t. Most of these soaps actually dry your scalp out, creating even more flakes. The best thing you can do for a dry scalp is brush your hair. Brushing redistributes your body’s natural oils and sloughs away flakes.

6. Makeup Remover

Makeup can clog pores, and you should never leave it on your face overnight. However, a KES 500 – KES 1,000 bottle of makeup remover is an unnecessary expense. Simply use your regular facial cleanser to remove the bulk of the residue. If you used particularly heavy or waterproof makeup (especially on your eyes), dab a bit of moisturizer on a tissue and rub gently to remove it.

What beauty products have you found to be a waste of money and which ones have actually worked on you? Please share in comments!



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