50 Cent’s gamble turns him into an accidental Bitcoin millionaire


Curtis Jackson alias “50 Cent” has accumulated a lot of money after being one of the first musicians to accept Bitcoin back in 2014, a time the world had little consent of what cryptocurrency was. It is alleged that fans purchased his Animal Ambition for one Bitcoin when its price lingered at around $662 (Ksh.67, 722).

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The New York-based rapper left his Bitcoin sales untouched in the bank for a period of four years. Little did he know this shot in the dark would turn into a huge investment in the cryptocurrency. With accumulations on a daily basis what once seemed like a worthless payment is now worth millions. According to TMZ, he reportedly pulled in about 700 bitcoin in album sales for his fifth studio album dubbed “Animal Ambition” which launched on June 3, 2014, by G-Unit Records and Caroline Records.

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In the past month, the Bitcoin has fluctuated and currently stands in between $11,000 and $12,000, despite the market decline, the hip-hop star will keep smiling all the way to the bank while his Bitcoin is at a standstill with at least eight million Dollars in his account.



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