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5 weird uni traditions in the world


If you thought your Uni has weird traditions, have a look at these and you will know your campo is a monastery.


 St Andrews University – Scotland

Freshers are given a ‘warm’ welcome in their first weekend by throwing beans and foam all over them. The ‘Raisin Weekend’ is a tradition held for years in the Uni where third years become mothers and fathers to the first years. The mother holds a ‘Raisin Tea Party’ and the father gives the fresher a ‘receipt’ of a precious item which they have to carry around during the foam fight.


Worcester College, Oxford

Students in the school library would remove items of clothing during the hours of 3-4pm every Wednesday. The Half-naked half-hour tradition was – unfortunately – banned in the college. Apparently, officials thought the tradition was inappropriate. How now?



Residents of MIT’s Baker House drop a piano off the roof of their dormitory to celebrate Drop Date, the last day a student can drop classes at the Institute.


University of Chicago

Scores of students participate in the annual ‘Scavenger Hunt’ where students set out to track down random items and accomplish tasks agreed from a list. Some known tasks include ‘Get circumcised’ and ‘build a working nuclear reactor’- the later was accomplished by some students.


Carnegie Mellon University

Students are allowed to paint a low concrete wall in the middle of the campus as long they can paint the entire wall between midnight and sunrise using only a paintbrush. The original wooden fence made the Guinness Book of World records for being ‘the most painted object in the world’. One romantic student famously used the fence to paint a marriage proposal.




The Telegraph

Student beans

Does your Uni have strange traditions?



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